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Case Studies

Creo Advisors has demonstrated experience in multiple business areas across a variety of industry sectors





Developed 3-year corporate strategy for an equipment company; >25% CAGR

Developed 3-year strategy; results exceeded plan and led to PE investment

Refined product portfolio strategy to simplify operations and increase profitable growth

Transformed store labor from a ‘cost center’ to high performing sales team; 2x SPLH

Crafted Go to Market strategy to grow 15% more than  industry

Developed growth and pricing transformation plan; 200 bp margin improvement

Segmented customers and developed growth plan; led to >25% growth

Optimized labor spend to drive $1.5 B in sales above plan



Reduced metal component savings by 10% while simplifying supply base

Identified ~15% in savings from optimization of existing logistics network

Streamlined SKU’s by >20% to improve fulfillment and grow sales

Improved demand forecasting to improve operational effectiveness


Developed labor strategy for international new market entry

Modeled labor activity costs for key partners in circular supply chain operation

Reduced complexity to remove organizational constraints for a CPG Hardgoods company

Improved Employee Journey – lowered Year 1 turnover by 39%; improved productivity by 16%

Human Capital

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